Why you should scan documents in as PDFs commencing YYYY-MM-DD

When you create files on your computer or phone - for example by scanning in each important letter you receive, when you receive it, those files will each have a "last modified date" which you can then use to find and read files in order. The "date modified" might not, in every case, be the exact original date of the document - for example you might have delayed a few days before scanning in each letter you received it in the post (not to mention the couple of day's delay before the letter arrives in the post) but usually the "date modified" date of each file is near enough to be useful for finding documents and reading them in order.
However if you are now scanning in historical documents - such as letters you received in the past but did not scan in at the time, or historical documents which have been passed on to you such as land Conveyances - the "date modified" date for each PDF created when you scan in a document will be today's date and so will not be of any help in finding and reading those PDF's in order. Because of this you should, when scanning in historical paper documents, give each PDF a name commencing with the date of the document in YYYY-MM-DD format like this:-

2015-06-30 Letter Smith to Jones    

so that the newly scanned in documents can be viewed in order by listing them by file name (in order for this to work the date has to be at the beginning of the file name with the year followed by the two-digit month followed by the two digit day of the month).   

Providing you give PDF scans, which you are making now, names commencing with YYYY-MM-DD it is not normally necessary to rename, on cloud storage, any documents loaded to cloud storage from your computer or phone because those documents in cloud storage not commencing with the date in YYYY-MM-DD format should have a usable "date modified" date (except EML or MSG files but they have a correct internal machine-readable date instead which can be read using PSTViewer). But if you feel that you need to rename any documents on could storage for any reason - e.g. if, instead of using MEGA you are using a cloud storage system which does not preserve "date modified" dates - bear the following in mind:

1. Only rename files in cloud storage: the original files preserved on your computer should be kept intact.  

2. If you are renaming a file in cloud storage to include the document date, put the document date at the beginning of the file name in YYYY-MM-DD format.

3. If you are thinking of renaming photo (jpg) or video files to include, for my benefit, a note pointing to some feature in the photo or video the significance of which may not be immediately obvious, generally it would be more help to me if, instead of renaming the photo of video file, you created a Word document with a line for each photo or video you wish to comment on


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