Why use MEGA?

MEGA preserves the "last modified" date for each file loaded which is important because, particularly if the filename of a document does not contain the date of the document, the "date modified" is useful for finding and reading files in order. (Note: If you can't see a "last modified" column in MEGA, make sure you are in "list view" rather than thumbnail view, Right-click on the headings row and add the "last modified" column.)

The "date modified" on each of your existing files on your computer or phone might not, in every case, be the exact original date of the document - for example you might have delayed a few days before scanning in each letter as you received it in the post - but usually the "last modified" date is sufficiently close to the original date that it can be used to find files and read them in chronological order.

Most other cloud storage services do not preserve the "last modified" date - they reset it to be the date the file was uploaded to the cloud (if you know of any cloud storage systems, other than MEGA, which do preserve the "last modified" date, please let me know). Hence the reason for suggesting that you use MEGA. Note, however, that documents loaded to MEGA are stored on servers outside the United Kingdom. 

MEGA is also free to use (up to a certain storage limit).


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