PDFs note - Using File Juggler to add date prefixes on a Windows computer

If you have a Windows computer you can use File Juggler to automate the process of adding date prefixes to PDFs. Note that:-

A. File Juggler works in about 90% of cases but it is not as clever as a human being and sometimes it cannot recognise a date in a document, and so does not add a date prefix. Also sometimes it recognises a date, and uses it, but it is the wrong date - some documents contain more than one date, the date of the document itself and other dates - File Juggler may pick the wrong one.  

B. Because of (A) above, you have to check all the PDFs to see if the date prefix added by File Juggler is correct and rename if necessary. If you have a large number of PDFs which you need to add date prefixes to - say over 1,000, you can save significant time using File Juggler because even though you need to cheeck each PDF after using File Juggler and perhaps rename about 10%, checking is quicker than renaming so you save time overall.

C. If you have a small number of files - less than 100 say - it may be counterproductive to use File Juggler because the time taken installing it, and setting it up, may counterbalance the time you save. But it is your choice.

If you decide to use File Juggler, proceed as follows. The instructions below assume that the PDFs you want to add date prefixes to are in a folder called WORK FOLDER.   

1. Download and install the File Juggler software (if do not already have it) from www.filejuggler.com

2. Start File Juggler and create the rule shown below to prefix PDFs with the date in the text of the document (e.g. the date at the start of a letter), like this:

3. File Juggler will then automatically add date prefixes to the PDFs in WORK FOLDER which are not already date-prefixed.


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