FastStone - Loading Digital Photos Received by Text

JPG digital photos with missing EXIF data

If you have a JPG digital photo but it has somehow lost its EXIF data, it is worth seeing if an original copy, including EXIF data, can be obtained. If you have the original photo on the original device check whether it is intact with EXIF data and if it is, save it to your computer. 

If someone texted the photo to you that may be the reason why it does not have EXIF data. Photos texted using MMS are, depending on the phone model and network, often compressed to reduce the number of megabytes which have to be transmitted and often the picture quality is reduced and EXIF data is removed. You could ask the person who texted you the photo to send it by some other means which preserves the full data. Once you have the JPG (complete with EXIF data) on your computer, proceed as described in Loading digital photos above.

If, despite your best efforts, you cannot obtain the original JPG photo complete with EXIF data, load the JPG photo which you have (which lacks EXIF data) to your computer instead. To do this save the JPG file from the MMS message on your phone and then save it on your computer. You will probably find that it has a file name such as Resized_20190307_143807.jpg which indicates when it was taken. Then

1. Use FastStone Photo Resizer Batch Convert option to create a temporary PDF copy from the JPG. 

On the above panel select an Output Format of PDF. Tick the Use Advanced Options box, and use the Advanced Options shown below to include the file name in the PDF copy in red at the top of the page within a white border.

2. When all the options shown above have been selected, tap the Convert button to create a temporary PDF copy.

3. Rename the PDF copy to give it a descriptive name e.g. 2019-04-06 Photo at 13.22.48 Rose Cottage garden

4. Then load the PDF to Bundledocs.   


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