CloudHQ - Creating EML copies of webmail emails

Go to and register/log on. Once logged on find the Sync and Backup panel like the one above. You may find it at but the website layout keeps changing. Choose Single User Set Up. Then select Back up one cloud to another cloud and the Sync Wizard panel should be displayed. Select one-way sync and press the square for the email system you have, such as Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc. and follow the prompts to log on to your email system and the further prompts to select the subset of emails to be copied to EML files on a cloud storage system. Tap the square for the cloud storage system you wish to copy the emails to and follow the log-on prompts and create and select a temporary folder in cloud storage in which the EML files will be created. If you don't have a cloud storage system you current use, sign up to Box and use that. On the Synchronisation Options panel select the options shown above and tap the Start Sync button.

When Cloud HQ has created EML copies of the emails, Cloud HQ will send a confirmatory email to you saying e.g. The initial data transfer between ... and ... has finished successfully. The sync between these two accounts is running now. Continuously and indefinitely. You can then log on to Cloud HQ and press the Delete Sync Pair button.


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