Using MEGA to copy digital photos to another device

If you want to copy a JPG file on your phone to your computer - or provide a copy to someone else, you can use MEGA as a "staging post" in order to ensure that Metadata is not lost.

Install the MEGA app on your phone and register.

Create a folder in MEGA to contain the photos, tap on the three dots on the right of the folder and select Get Link to get a link address (which you can paste into an email which, later on, you send to the person you wish to be able to download the JPGs).

To load photos to the folder, tap on the green circle with the plus sign

You can then choose to take a photo now, to be uploaded, and/or navigate to older JPG photos already on your phone to be uploaded. 

When you have loaded to JPGs to MEGA using your phone, you can log on to MEGA from your computer to download the JPGs to your computer. Or if you want to send copies to someone else you can send them an email pasting into the email the link you copied earlier.


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