Taking Snapshots of Webpages

If the legal matter which you are concerned with involves the contents of webpages at a particular point in time - for example if you have a dispute with a supplier because something they said on their website turned out to be incorrect - you will need to make a PDF copy of the relevant pages of their website.

Website pages can, of course, be updated at any time so it is important to take a PDF copy straightaway before the content of the page changes. 

If you find that by the time you come to make a copy the webpage has already been changed, you can use a web archive site such as www.archive.org to get a copy of the webpage as it was at a past date.Web archive sites do not take a snapshot of every website on every day so it is a matter of finding snapshots as close in time as possible to the relevant period of time. For example if you looked at a website during the week before you placed an order on 15th September, and the archive website has snapshots on 1st September, 14th September and 5th October, it would be worth making PDF copies of the website snapshots for all three dates.

In fact even if by the time you come to take a copy, on 20th September say, the webpage has not changed, it is still worth getting earlier snapshots as well - if they are all the same then that is good evidence of what the webpage contained throughout the period.

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