Setting the Document Description automatically when loading emails to Bundledocs

When you load an email to Bundledocs, Bundledocs will set the Document Description to be the Subject of the email. You then need to edit the Document Description to add in the word Email and the names of sender and recipient (you might leave in the Subject as well or just have sender and recipient names without Subject).

Editing the Document Description in Bundledocs  is easy to do if there are just a few emails loaded to Bundledocs but if there are a number you can save time by using ReNamer (on a Windows computer) to add the names of sender and recipient names to the EML/MSG filenames before you load them so that the Document Description includes this information for each email automatically without you having to edit it. See below for how to do this:-

The example panel above replaces the entire filename (i.e. the Subject) with sender and recipient names. If, instead, you want to just insert the sender and recipient names before the Subject (leaving the Subject there as well) use an Insert rule, rather than a Replace rule.

Note that in the example above the size of the email is included in the file name as well as sender and recipient names. The reason for including the size as well is simply to ensure that the names of the EML/MSG files are unique as you cannot have two files with the same name in a folder on Windows. Don't include a date in the file names as this may cause Bundledocs not to set the email time correctly. 


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