DCS - Sending a PDF copy of a hearing bundle

Traditionally court and tribunal rules and directions have required hearing bundles to be sent to the other side in hardcopy form but nowadays directions will often require a PDf eBundle in addition to, or even instead of, a hardcopy. Even if provision in PDF form is not mandated in practice parties will often want a copy in PDF form either instead of, or in addition to, a hardcopy. And even if only a hardcopy is required for the final version of the hearing bundle you still might need to send a PDF copy of a draft bundle to the other side when asking them if there any further documents which they want included - if the bundle is a trial bundle - before you produce and send out the final version.

A bundle will consist of an index and several sections. For browsing on a computer or tablet it is useful to have the complete bundle as a single PDF, preferably with bookmarks. But for printing it is convenient to have each section as an individual PDF (and the index as another PDF) so that you can print each section separately thus ensuring that the first page of each section is printed recto (when printing double-sided) so that when assembling the hardcopy, in a lever arch file or ring binder, tabs can be inserted in front of each section. So generally you should send a PDF for each section. If you can in addition also send a single large PDF containing the complete bundle all well and good but this is not usually essential because the receiving party should be able, fairly easily, to create a single PDF by combining the individual PDFs if they need the bundle as a single PDF (e.g. for convenient use on a tablet).     

Email systems normally have a limit on the size of emails they can send or receive which is another reason for sending a bundle in several emails, one section at a time - label them e.g.1 of 5, 2 of 5, etc. so that the recipient knows when they have received the full set of emails you have sent. 

The DCS system itself has its own facility to send a bundle PDF, known as Secure Sharing. This sends an email which contains a link by which the bundle (both as a single PDF and as individual PDFs for each section) can be downloaded. Because the email contains a link (rather than the PDF itself) any email size limitations are irrelevant. One thing to note, however, about the DCS Secure Sharing system, is that if the person you are sending to tries to download but the download fails - e.g. due to an interruption in their internet service - they won't be able to download again from that link, so you will need to send them another link using the Secure Sharing button in DCS.   



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