DCS - Sending a PDF copy of a hearing bundle

Court and tribunal rules normally require hearing bundles to be sent to the other side in hardcopy form, but, if you are responsible for producing a hearing bundle, you might at some point want to send a PDF copy to the other side by email. One reason why you might want to do this is if you are sending a draft trial bundle to the other side when asking them if there any further documents which they want included before you produce and send out the final version. Another reason might be that, because time is short - e.g. in the case of an application bundle for an urgent application - the other side might (even though they might be entitled to a hardcopy bundle) actually ask you to provide the bundle just in PDF form so that they can print their own copy. 

Email systems normally have a limit on how many MB they can send or receive but instead of sending the bundle as an ordinary email attachment you can use the Secure Sharing button on the Bundle page in DCS to email a temporary download link to the other side as shown below.  

1. On the Bundle page, as shown below, tap Secure Sharing to email a temporary download link. First of all you should enter your own email address as the address the download link should be sent to

2. You will then receive two emails and when you click on the links the following panel will appear. 

Tap on the top Complete Bundle button to download the complete hearing bundle to your computer, so that you can check it (in particular don't forget to check that the pages are numbered and that it includes an index at the start) and keep it for your records. 

3. Go back to the Secure Sharing dialogue and there should be a prompt saying Securely email the full Bundle to another email address and you should enter the email address of the person you want to send the bundle PDF to, and a link will then be emailed to them so that they can download the indexed hearing bundle as a single PDF.

Note that the download links are one-time links. If the person you are sending to tries to download but the download fails - e.g. due to an interruption in their internet service - they won't be able to download again from that link, so you will need to send them another link using the Secure Sharing button. Alternatively you could use FileMail to transfer to them the bundle copy you have downloaded to your computer.



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