Scott Schedule

When a builder and customer agree that work will be done, this can be on the basis of a fixed price or the agreement might be that the going rate (reasonable charge) will be charged for labour and materials. 

Often there is an agreement for certain work to be carried out and, later on, as work is progressing there may be a further agreement for extra work to be done.

In a building dispute it can save a lot of time if you produce a spreadsheet showing details of what work has been agreed  and done. This is sometimes called a Scott Schedule.

Start off by drawing a plan of the site and giving each room or location a letter, starting with A, like this:-

Then start a spreadsheet with a row for each location where work was done, like this

Then for each piece of work add details about what price was agreed, when and how it was agreed, for example, in a formal contract, by exchange of email, by word of mouth, and what completion date was initially agreed, like this:-

Now add in details of when the work was completed

Now add two columns to explain what the parties say about each piece of work - i.e. what the dispute is about



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