Scanning in documents

Paper documents should be scanned in as multi-page PDFs. For example, a three page letter should be in a single PDF containing 3 pages (not as 3 PDFs containing one page each). To do this ideally you need a scanner with an automatic document feeder (ADF) as shown in the picture below, so that you can load all pages of a single document and scan them in in one go. 

If you don't have a scanner you can use a high street print shop - who will scan the documents as PDFs for you.

Print shops typically charge 50p per sheet so if you have more than about 200 pages it would actually be cheaper to buy your own scanner. The cost of scanners and printers is coming down all the time and you can buy a combined scanner and printer, which can scan and print double-sided, A4 and A3, for less than £100. When buying a scanner make sure that the scanner has a double-sided automatic document feed (ADF) as you may find that many of the documents you need to scan in are printed on both sides. 

Using an ADF scanner is easy. You can plug it into a computer or alternatively control it from your tablet or phone as most scanner manufacturers provide an app which you can download such as Brother iPrint&Scan or HP's All-in-One Printer Remote App.

You can use the app to scan in documents either by using any WiFi network that the scanner is attached to or by placing your device close to the NFC symbol on the scanner


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