Photos - Producing Copies of Digital Photos with a Date-prefixed file name using Namexif on an Android device

Use the procedure below to produce copies of digital photographs with a file name prefixed by the date each photograph was taken.

1. Install Bulk Rename Wizard app (from Klangapp-Dev).

2. Start Bulk Rename Wizard

3. Press Create Rename Task, then Add rename criterion, then Insert characters 

4. Type in the characters Photo with three spaces at the beginning and one at the end, and select Insert at... Begin of name

5. Press OK , then Next.

6.Type in a task name of Step 1 and press Finish

7. Press Create Rename Task, then Add rename criterion, then Insert date and time 

8. Select Date & time to use... JPEG EXIF Tag, and untick Use file modified date

9. Select Insert at... Begin of Name and select Date & time format... yyyy-MM-dd.

10 Press OK , then Next.

11.Type in a task name of Step 2 and press Finish

12. Press Create Rename Task, then Add rename criterion, then Insert characters 

13. Type in ] 

14. Select Insert at... End of Name 

15. Press OK , then Next.

16.Type in a task name of Step 3 and press Finish

Note: you only have to do the above once. The wizard is now set up to do renames. 

17. Copy the JPG files to a work folder (so that the original are untouched).

24. Press Rename and select Rename images

25. Press Add files and select the files in the work folder and press Next.

26. Press Load Rename Task, tick the four tasks named Step1, Step2, and Step4, and press Load.

27. Press Next, then Finish to rename the files with the date and time taken so that they are liked this:

2016-02-25   Photo [IMG9736524]


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