Google Drive - Renaming a Series of Documents Quickly

Tap on the first document in Google Drive so that it is displayed and you can see the date and other details in the document, like this:

Then select more actions (three vertical dots) and select Rename as shown below 

Then type in a date of the document at the beginning of the document name in yyyy-mm-dd format (and if necessary amend the description) as shown below

Select OK to rename the file.

Then left swipe (or click Next button on the right hand side of the screen if using a mouse) to go to the next document and rename that if necessary, and carry on until all documents are correctly named.

When renaming documents, the objective is that the name should be concise but should be sufficient to enable anyone to identify the document.

So in the case of a letter, a concise description would indicate that the document is a letter and give the name of the sender and addressee:

2015-08-22   Letter John Smith to Paula Jones   

The concise description just includes key identifying information from the document - such as "Letter",sender, and addressee - to enable the precise document to be identified. Don't include the subject or attempt to summarise the gist of a letter or email - e.g. don't say "letter querying outrageous delay"      

When typing in the document name bear in mind that you may be providing copies of documents if you correspond with other parties (and if there is litigation the same description will eventually be used when documents are listed in a court/tribunal hearing bundle which contains both your documents and the other side’s documents) so use an objective description which will be meaningful to others and not just a description which is meaningful to you. For example do not use 

2006-05-29 Letter sent out

2006-05-29 Letter from John to Me

2006-05-29 Letter sent to John Smith

but rather:

2006-05-29 Letter Jane Jones to John Smith

Here are some other examples:

2006-05-29 Letter John Smith to Phillip Jones

2006-05-29 Email at 18.22 Phillip Jones to John Smith

2006-05-29 Memo John Smith to Phillip Jones

2006-05-29 Purchase Order Preston Haulage to Farnfield Motors

2006-05-29 Invoice Farnfield Motors to Preston Haulage

2006-05-29 Agreement John Smith and Peter Fisher

2006-05-29 Cheque Preston Haulage to Farnfield Motors

2006-05-29 Bank Statement John Low 01378256


See here for a more detailed description of the names to use for different types of document. 


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