Photos - producing a plan showing where taken

If you have photographs of the inside or outside of a building or of land outside at ground level, you should bear in mind that whilst you are likely to be very familiar with the layout of the building or land you are photographing (so that when you look at a photograph you can tell immediately where it was taken) I will not be, nor will your opponent (if it is necessary to provide photos to them, and nor will the judge who tries the case if matters get that far) so information needs to be provided indicating where the photographs were taken.  

Generally the best way to do this is to give each photo a serial number and then draw a rough plan and mark on the plan where you were standing when you took each photograph with the serial number of the photograph and an arrow indicating the direction in which the photograph was taken (or the number range of the photographs e.g. 03-06 if you have taken more than one photograph from the same position in the approximately same direction) as shown in the examples below.  

Example of plan of photographs taken inside a house

Example of plan of photographs taken outside in the grounds of a house 

You should rename the photos with the date and time taken and then add the serial numbers at the end like this:-

2015-09-03 Photo 01.jpg
2015-09-03 Photo 02.jpg
2015-09-03 Photo 03.jpg   

You can then and send me the plan. Attach to the plan a "contact sheet" - i.e. a single page with all the photographs in miniature with the file names underneath each miniature. You can use the free Contacts Sheets software from Echo Images to create a contact sheet or else use equivalent software (note that the contact sheet software built in to Windows 10 itself is not suitable because it truncates the file names).


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