PDFs - Printing to a PDF on a Windows Computer

You can create a PDF copy of a file using Microsoft Print to PDF. The app associated with the file thinks it is printing to a real printer but the "printer" Microsoft Print to PDF is actually another app which creates a PDF copy rather than actually printing.

1. Open the file that you wish to make a PDF copy of, and select Print. A print panel will then appear. The exact layout of the print panel will depend on the type of file it is (and therefore on what app it opens with) but an example of a print panel is shown below.


2. Select a Printer of Microsoft Print to PDF and tap Print.

3. You should be prompted to specify the destination where the PDF is to be created and you can select the folder and file name and tap Save.

Note this method of creating a PDF copy uses the app's "printing" function. In other words the app thinks it is printing when, in fact, what it thinks is a printer is actually another app creating a PDF. This means that, depending on the app, you need to select any print options necessary to ensure that all the data from the file appears in the "printed" PDF copy. 


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