Printing out and assembling an Application Bundle

1. If you have a suitable fast colour printer you might choose to print out the bundle PDFs on your own printer or, alternatively, you might use a high street print shop to do this for you. Print the PDF in two or three steps. First of all print the index pages at the beginning of the PDF single-sided. Then print the remaining A4 pages of the PDF double-sided. Then print any A3 (or larger) pages on the correct size paper and fold them twice as shown in the picture below. The bundle must be printed in colour: this is not only because some pages may contain photographs or colour-coded plans but because the page number on every page is in red and red printed in greyscale can be difficult to see.

2. When you have printed out all the bundle pages, hole punch them and file them in a ring binder. The Index must be at the beginning followed by the sections - make sure that the page numbers are consecutive and that everything listed in the Index is actually in the bundle.

3. The very first page of the Index PDF might be a title page giving the name and number of the case and the title of the bundle (e.g. Application Bundle) in tramlines, so that the Index itself actually starts on the second page of the PDF. The first page filed in the ring binder should always be the first page of the Index (i.e. the second page of the PDF if the first page of the Index PDF is actually a title page) so that the index can be seen immediately on opening the file without having to turn over a page which merely contains the title of the case. If there is an initial page containing only the title it is intended to be stuck on the outside of the front cover of the volume, though you can write your own sticky label to put on the front of the volume, containing the same information, if that is easier, rather than use any title page. As well as sticking the title page to the front (or using a sticky label on the front) you should put a sticky label on the outside spine with the case number and case name in large writing. 

4. It will assist everyone if tabs are inserted in front of each section, as shown in the picture above. The name written on each tab should be the section letter (A, B, C etc) and the section name abbreviated as necessary to fit on the tab - for example "Applicant w/s" for the Applicant's witness statements.  

5. Repeat the above steps to produce as many copies of the bundle as required. 


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There is some variation between the procedural requirements of different tribunals and courts for different types of case. The above explanation of procedural rules relating to bundles is only an overview and in order to be reasonably concise I have had to leave some details out - details which are likely to affect what the procedural law would say about your own situation. So please do not rely on the above but contact me for advice.

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