Bundles - Printing out and assembling an Application Bundle

1. An Application Bundle often has to be printed at short notice so it is essential to have your own colour printer capable. Sometimes - if your own printer is slow - it may be possible to use a high street print shop to print the majority of pages in advance but you are still likely to need to have your own printer to print the final pages which may arrive late. Print the PDF in these steps:

a.) First of all, print the Front Page. This is the title page which you should ensure contains the name and number of the case and the title of the bundle (e.g. "Application Bundle") in tramlines. It is intended to be on the outside of the front cover of the volume. It has to be printed separately (when printing double sided) to ensure that the underside of the printed sheet is blank. 

b.) Print the Index pages - these are to be inserted at the start of the volume. 

c.) Print every section separately (to ensure that - if printed double-sided - the first page of each section is always on a new sheet of paper). If a section contains any A3 pages, print them on the correct size paper single-sided (so that they can be folded as shown in the picture below) before printing the remaining A4 pages. All pages must be printed in colour: this is not only because some pages may contain photographs or colour-coded plans but because the page number on every page is in red and red printed in greyscale can be difficult to see.    

2. When the index and section pages have been printed out, hole punch them and file them in a ring binder. The Index must be at the beginning followed by the sections - make sure that the page numbers are consecutive and that everything listed in the Index is actually in the bundle.

3. It will assist everyone if tabs are inserted in front of each section, as shown in top picture above. The name written on each tab should be the section letter (A, B, C etc) and the section name abbreviated as necessary to fit on the tab - for example "Applicant w/s" for the Applicant's witness statements.When writing on vertical tabs write down like this




rather than writing across - writing across is more difficult to read and can make Hs look like Is and vice versa. Note that there may be a Respondent's Witness Statements section (or similar) containing no documents. If so, a tab should still be inserted for this section as, because of the limited notice given in some Applications, Documents may need to be inserted in this section later.     

4. Repeat the above steps to produce as many copies of the bundle as required. 


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