DCS - Printing bundles which contain A3 or larger pages


If you are printing a hearing "bundle" PDF generated by DCS which contains one or more pages which should be printed on paper sizes larger than A4 (which will then be folded to A4 size) then it is important to take special care with how any section which contains such documents is printed.

A hearing bundle is normally divided into sections with a cardboard tab in front of the first page of each section. When printing double-sided - and it is usual to print double-sided - it is important that each section is printed separately in order to ensure that the first page of each section is printed recto so that the cardboard tab can be inserted in front of it. DCS gives you the option of downloading bundle sections as individual PDFs to facilitate this.

Printing pages larger than A4 size

"Bundle" PDFs produced by DCS will always contain all PDF pages set as A4 irrespective of the page size of the documents in DCS which are included in the bundle PDF, so you cannot tell, just from looking at the PDF page size in the bundle section PDF, which documents may be A3 or A2. But if, when originally loading A3 or A2 documents to DCS, you added the characters A3 or A2 to the end of the document title you will be able to tell, from the name in the PDF bookmarks, which documents should be printed as A3 or A2. You may well remember, when you look at the documents, which ones - often maps and drawings - were larger than A4 but if you added the characters A3, A2, etc. to the document name you will know for sure. 

If a section contains any documents which are greater than A4 size, load that section PDF to the Resize facility in Sejda and a panel like that shown below will be displayed. You can then select each document which should be printed A3 or A2 in turn and correct the page size.  

Save the PDF containing the corrected page sizes with a name with e.g. A4A3 at the end to indicate that it contains A4 and A3 pages. For example if the section PDF is named SmithvJonesTrialBundlev053F002B1toB4 name the new PDF SmithvJonesTrialBundlev053F002B1toB4A4A3. 

You can then give this amended PDF (ending in A4A3) to a reprographics shop for printing or, if you have a printer with multiple paper trays containing A4, A3, etc. you can print the PDF on that printer selecting double-sided printing and the "choose paper by PDF page size" option.

Alternative method of printing 

If you have separate printers, one for A4 and one for A3, etc. printing, especially double-sided printing, is a little more time-consuming because you have to print one page range at a time. For example if you have a 40 page bundle section PDF with pages like this

pages 1 to 3 - A4 
pages  4 to 6 - A3
pages 7 to 21 - A4
page 22 - A2
pages 23 to 40 - A4

you should first print pages 1 to 3 double-sided on your A4 printer, then print pages 4 to 6 on your A3 printer, then print pages 7 to 21 double-sided on your A4 printer, then print page 22 single-sided on an A2 capable printer, then print pages 23 to 40 double sided on your A4 printer. You cannot take the shortcut of printing all the A4 pages in one go because if you did that you would end up, for example, with page 7 on the reverse side of the page 3 sheet and then be unable to insert the A3 pages 4 to 6 in between. 


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