PDFs - Extracting documents from a PDF containing multiple documents

If you have a single PDF which contains many documents, you can extract the individual documents into separate PDFs using www.sejda.com as explained below.

Select the Split by Pages option and load the PDF.

Choose the Select pages to split option.

All the pages in the PDF will be displayed as thumbnails. 

Use the bar at the top right to increase/decrease the size of the thumbnails. The thumbnails need to be just big enough so that you can see where one document in the PDF ends and the next document begins.

Click on the last (or only) page of each document so that it is highlighted. For example, if you have a 7 page PDF in which the first two pages are a two page letter, page 3 is single page invoice, pages 4 to 6 are a three page letter and page 7 is a one page letter, you would highlight pages 2, 3, 6 and 7..

Click the green Split PDF by pages button at the bottom. Then click the green Download button to download the individual documents as individual PDFs to your device.  

Note 1:  Documents loaded to www.sejda.com are generally stored on servers outside the United Kingdom and may not be subject to the same standards of data protection as apply within the United Kingdom. If you are concerned about this you can use Sejda Desktop

Note 2: If the PDF has bookmarks for each document within it, you can quickly extract the individual documents using the Split by Bookmarks option of Sejda. 


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