PDFs - Extracting documents from a PDF containing multiple documents

You might have a large PDF containing more than one document. This could happen if, for example, you had in the past engaged a firm of solicitors to deal with correspondence for you, and you have now asked for copies of all the correspondence they sent to, or received from, third parties. If the firm has a paper-based filing system where they store paper copies of everything for a case, including emails, in a cardboard file, they may simply collect together all the paper correspondence, load it into a scanner and scan it to a single PDF to send to you.

In this case you need to extract the individual documents as individual PDFs before loading them. You can use Sejda Split by Pages to do this. The easiest way to use Sejda is to use its website but there is an alternative desktop version of Sejda if you do not want your data to be processed outside the UK. 

Apart from emails (where the PDF should contain the email body and all attachments) and covering letters (where the PDF should contain the covering letter and the enclosures) each PDF to be loaded should contain just one document.    

If the individual documents in the large PDF happen to be bookmarked you can use Sejda Split PDF by Bookmark.



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