PDFs - Creating an enlarged cutout

To create an enlarged copy of a cutout of an area of an existing file, proceed as follows:- 
Make sure you have saved the original document.

Open the same-size copy of the document as shown below. You can use Nuance Power PDF  to do this whether the document is already a PDF or whether it is a JPG or other type of image file.

Use the select tool to draw an outline of the portion you wish to select and enlarge.

Right-click on the selected area and choose Save Image As and, when prompted, enter a file name to save the image as a bitmap file. Then open that bitmap file using Nuance Power PDF:

Click File – Print. Select a printer of Nuance PDF. Click properties

Select the appropriate paper size, and click OK.

Select a Zoom of Fit to Paper and click OK to save the result as a PDF file. 


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