O PDFs Note - How to Mark Up a PDF using PDF Studio Pro

Most PDF software including PDF Studio Pro (available from www.qoppa.com/pdfstudio/) have drawing tools which can be used to mark up PDFs. The detailed instructions below are for PDF Studio Pro but a similar procedure can be used with other PDF software. For instructions for Nuance Power PDF see here


Using PDF Studio Pro to create an enlarged copy ready for marking up

Make sure you have saved the original document, and carry the following procedure out on a copy. You may want to start with a same-size copy of the original document, or you may want to extract and enlarge a portion before marking up. To extract and enlarge a portion, proceed as follows.

Open the same-size copy of the document as shown on the next page. You can use PDF Studio Pro to do this whether the document is already a PDF or whether it is a JPG or other type of image file.

Go to Document Crop PagesDrag and Crop


Click and drag the cursor over the area you would like to enlarge. A dialogue box will open, press OK.


You will be left with only the selected area in the document.



Using PDF Studio Pro Drawing Tools to Mark Up

Once you have a PDF copy ready for marking, whether a same-size copy or an enlarged portion produced as described above, you are then ready to mark it up as described below. 

To draw an outline, click on the drop down menu next to the ‘square’, select Polygon and then draw the outline, clicking once at the end of each line, and double-clicking at the end.


Right click and select Properties and choose the colour for the outline:


And click OK


Click the Callout button which looks like a text box and arrow.

Click the page where you want the arrow and drag the text box to the required position.



Right-click on the callout and select Properties to change the outline colour and the text colour to the same colour previously selected for the outline. Choose a suitable font size, and type the text you require into the box. Then click OK.




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