Managing Documents

The civil litigation process involves keeping track of documents, producing lists of them, and including them in indexed paginated bundles. The best way to manage this task is to load the documents, at the outset, into a system such as Caselines, typing in a concise title for each document (e.g. "Letter Smith to Jones") and the date of the document. This takes a bit of time initially but means that you can then produce documents lists and bundle indexes without ever having to type in document titles and dates  again.

If you have a large number of paper documents to scan in, or a large number of electronic documents to copy, or both, you will probably prefer to use the Scan and Title service provided by Caselines to scan in paper documents, and make PDF copies of JPG, MSG, Word, and other electronic files, and load them into a Caselines “case”, rather than do all this work yourself. Once the documents are loaded in a Caselines “case” you (and anyone else you grant access to) can view/download/print them as necessary as the litigation proceeds.

If you prefer to load documents into Caselines yourself, see here. Even if you use the Caselines Scan and Title service to do an initial bulk load, you still may need to yourself load at least a small number of further documents into Caselines as the litigation proceeds. 


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