PDFs - Making PDF copies of Spreadsheets

One of the easiest ways to make a PDF copy of a spreadsheet is to use the Convert EXCEL to PDF function at www.ilovepdf.com

Although www.ilovepdf.com is very easy to use, using it results in your data being processed outside the United Kingdom where different standards of data protection may apply. If you are concerned about this then an alternative method is to use Microsoft Excel to do the conversion as explained below.

1. Open the spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel.

2. Select File – Print to go to the Print dialogue.


3. Select a printer of Microsoft Print to PDF or Save to PDF

4. Under Settings, choose Print Entire Workbook if you are creating a single PDF containing all the sheets in the workbook.

5. Choose an Orientation. This will normally be Landscape so as to minimise the page size which is necessary to accommodate all columns on a single sheet.

6. For Scaling, choose Fit All Columns on One Page

7. Click Page Setup and select appropriate options to aid readability. For example, you will nearly always want to select the Print Gridlines and Row and column headings options on the Sheet tab. 

8. Click the Print button and, when prompted, navigate to the appropriate target folder and enter the appropriate new name – e.g.


        2011-04-01    Spreadsheet Budget 2011

9. Click Save.

10. Open the PDF file and check that it is correctly formatted and do spot checks on selected pages to ensure that it contains all the data from the spreadsheet.



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