PDFs - Making PDF copies of multiple documents on a Windows computer

1. Create Assistant is part of Nuance Power PDF which can be downloaded from www.nuance.co.uk It can be used to make PDF copies of many types of document including Word, spreadsheets, powerpoint, JPG, and emails. With any conversion process there is always the possibility that some documents using particular features might not convert cleanly so check the output. Check emails in particular. An alternative way of converting emails to PDFs is to use PSTViewer.

If you will or might be making copies of EML files, set the correct conversion option as follows. First of all start Power PDF, go to File - Options, and select New Document - E-mail Conversion. Then select append attachment to the PDF file as shown below.


Click OK and close Power PDF. You only need to set this option once as Power PDF will remember it.

2. Start Create Assistant

3. If the files you will be making PDF copies of include some EML files, you can, at this stage, use the ReNamer program to automatically give EML files the right name. You do not have to do this but it will save a lot of time renaming the PDFs later on.  

4. Click and drag the files to the panel as shown below, and select Create a PDF for each input document 

5. Click/press the purple arrow at the bottom of the panel to start the process


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