making PDF copies of EML files

1. Create a temporary folder to contain the PDF copies called e.g. PDF COPIES 

2. Install PSTViewer. Choose Settings from the drop down list and select the English date format dd/MM/yyyy.

3. In PSTViewer, click the Export tab and select PDF - attachments converted/included from the drop-down list. Tap Edit profile. Select Root folder and navigate to and select the PDF COPIES folder.  

4.Select File name schema and set up the PDF filename pattern like this:

tip: you have to drag the Sent button up to the line above three times, once to select date, once to select hh and once to select mm.   

Click OK OK to return to the main PSTViewer panel.

5. Navigate to the folder where the EML (or MSG) files are and select the emails you want to create PDF copies of. Then tap the Export button.

PDF copies will be created in the PDF COPIES folder with filenames in the format 2017-03-27   Email at 22.25 John Smith to Paul Jones


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