PDFs - Making PDF copies of documents

There are a number of different ways of making a PDF copy of a non-PDF file. If you are not a regular computer/tablet/smartphone user you probably want to know the simplest way to create PDF copies even if it is not the quickest method.

1. The simple way to create PDF copies, one by one, which works on both Windows and Mac computers, and on iPhones, IPads and Android devices, and for all file types (including emails as long as they do not have any attachments) is described here

2. An even quicker way to create PDF copies of files (other than emails) is to use www.ilovepdf.com but using this websites results in your data being processed outside the United Kingdom where different standards of data protection may apply. If you are concerned about this, use option 1.

3. A quick way to create PDF copies of emails (including emails which have attachments) is to first Create EML (or MSG) copies of the emails in a temporary folder and then use PSTViewer to create PDF copies from the EML files, before loading the PDF copies to Google Drive.  


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