Loading photos to MEGA

Metadata can be lost when sending files, particularly photos, by email. It is normally better to load them to MEGA (why MEGA?) and provide a link.

Install the MEGA app on your phone and register.

Create a folder in MEGA to contain the photos, tap on the three dots on the right of the folder and select Get Link to get a link address (which you can paste into an email which you send to the person you wish to share the folder with).

To load photos to the folder, tap on the green circle with the plus sign

You can then choose to take a photo now, to be uploaded, and/or navigate to older JPG photos already on your phone to be uploaded. 

If you have relevant historical photos in card form, take a picture of each one (ensuring that each includes a white margin so that it is obvious it is a photo of a photo) and load that to MEGA as well.

If you have any relevant text message conversations on your phone you can take screenshots and load those screenshot JPGs to MEGA also.

If you have any relevant emails, you can save each of them as an EML file and then load them to MEGA as well. The email app on your phone should have a "save email as file" option which will save an email as an EML file usually in a folder on your phone named Saved Email. You can then load those EML files to MEGA.


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