MEGA - Loading documents

I would suggest that you load to MEGA documents that you want me to provide legal advice about (Why MEGA?). 

Go to MEGA, register and log on. Tap the cloud symbol and you will see that there is already an empty folder there which you can use "as is" or, if you prefer, you can rename it to a more meaningful name. 

Share a link to the folder with me, so that I can read and download the documents which you will be loading to that folder. To share a link to a folder tap on the three dots to the right of the folder name and select "Sharing". 

Now load relevant documents you have to the MEGA folder. 

Download the MEGA app to your phone and use it to load photos (JPGs) on your phone to MEGA. This is fairly easy to do but if you are having difficulty there are step by step instructions here. If you have relevant older photos in card form, take a picture of each one with your phone (ensuring that each includes a white margin so that it is obvious it is a photo of a photo) - or scan it as a JPG using your computer scanner - and load that JPG to MEGA as well.

Take a screenshot of any relevant text message conversations on your phone and load those screenshot JPGs to MEGA. 

Before loading emails to MEGA you have to first save each relevant email as an EML or MSG file. You can do this with the email app on your phone if it has a "save email as file" option (most Android phones do) or the email app on your computer may have a similar option - on Microsoft Outlook, for example, after opening the email, click File - Save As. See here for other methods.   

Load to MEGA any other relevant documents such as videos, audio files and PDFs on your phone or computer.

If you have relevant paper documents which have not already been scanned in as PDFs, scan each one in now giving each PDF a name which commences with the date of the document in year-month-day sequence like this: 1956-11-18 Conveyance (Why?). Then load the PDFs to MEGA.  

In addition to documents you already have, you may want to obtain historical Google Earth and Street View images and load those to MEGA. 


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