MEGA - Loading documents

Create a folder in MEGA and give me access

Go to MEGA, register and log on. This is easy to do but if you need step by step instructions see hereTap the cloud symbol and create a folder.  Share a link to that folder with me, so that I can read and download the documents which you will be loading to that folder. To share a link to a folder tap on the three dots to the right of the folder name and select "Sharing". 

Load documents to the MEGA folder

Now load relevant documents you have to the MEGA folder. 

Download the MEGA app to your phone and use it to load photos (JPGs) on your phone to MEGA. This is fairly easy to do but if you are having difficulty there are step by step instructions here. If you have relevant older photos in card form, take a picture of each one with your phone (ensuring that each includes a white margin so that it is obvious it is a photo of a photo) - or scan it as a JPG using your computer scanner - and load that JPG to MEGA as well.

Take a screenshot of any relevant text message conversations on your phone and load those screenshot JPGs to MEGA. How to take a screenshot on a phone depends on what phone model it is but on iPhones it is usually pressing the home button and power button at the same time. On Android phones it is often pressing the volume down button and power button at the same time. If there are more than a couple of messages in the conversation you have to tap "Scroll capture" to include the whole of the conversation in the JPG.        

Before loading emails to MEGA you have to first save each relevant email as an EML or MSG file. You can do this with the email app on your phone if it has a "save email as file" option or the email app on your computer may have a similar option - on Microsoft Outlook, for example, after opening the email, click File - Save As. See here for other methods.   

Load to MEGA any other relevant documents such as videos, audio files and PDFs on your phone or computer.

If you have relevant paper documents which have not already been scanned in as PDFs, scan each one in now giving each PDF a name which commences with the date of the document in year-month-day sequence like this: 1956-11-18 Conveyance Then load the PDFs to MEGA.  

In addition to documents you already have, you may want to obtain historical Google Earth and Street View images and load those to MEGA. 

Should files in the MEGA folder be renamed?

It is not generally necessary to rename files in the MEGA folder in order to make them appear in order as they can be listed in MEGA in order of "last modified" date which in most cases will make them appear in chronological order - MEGA preserves the same "date modified" for each file as the file has on your computer. (Note: If you can't see a "last modified" column in MEGA, make sure you are in "list view" rather than thumbnail view, Right-click on the headings row and add the "last modified" column.) The "date modified" might not, in every case, be the exact original date of the document - for example you might have delayed a few days before scanning in each letter as you received it in the post, but in most cases documents loaded from your computer will still be in the right order or roughly the right order.

Also you can read EML and MSG files in chronological order using the PSTViewer app so the "date modified" dates (and file names) of these types of files in MEGA does not matter. 

It is true that historical paper documents which you are only now scanning in as PDFs so that you can load them to MEGA will each have a very recent "last modified" date which does not reflect the date of each original document but you will be giving each such PDF you are creating now a file name commencing with the document date in YYYY-MM-DD format so those PDFs can be made to appear in chronological order by listing them in MEGA in name order. 

So normally it is not necessary to rename files in MEGA in order to be able to list them appear in chronological order. However if you do decide that you wish to rename one or more files in MEGA, bear the following in mind:

1. Only rename files in MEGA: the original files preserved on your computer should be kept intact.  

2. If you are renaming a file in MEGA to include the document date, put the document date at the beginning of the file name in YYYY-MM-DD format.

3. If you are thinking of renaming photo (jpg) or video files to include, for my benefit, a note pointing to some feature in the photo or video the significance of which may not be immediately obvious, generally it would be more help to me if, instead of renaming the photo of video file, you created a Word document with a line for each photo or video you wish to comment on

Why use MEGA?

MEGA preserves the "last modified" date for each file loaded which is important because, particularly if the filename of a document does not contain the date of the document, the "date modified" is useful for finding and reading files in order. Most cloud storage services do not preserve the "last modified" date - they reset it to be the date the file was uploaded to the cloud (if you know of any cloud storage systems, other than MEGA, which do preserve the "last modified" date, please let me know). Note, however, that documents loaded to MEGA are stored on servers outside the United Kingdom. 


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