Google Drive - Load a document from a link

When you click on a document link then, depending on what device and browser you are using, the document will either be immediately downloaded to your device, or else it will be opened (of if there is more than one document it may present you with a list of documents and each one will open when you click it).

If the document is opened

If a document opens when you click there should be a Google Drive symbol   

Tap the Google Drive symbol to load the document to your Google Drive folder.

If you can't see a Google Drive symbol immediately, you may need to tap one of these symbols first.


to bring up the Google Drive option.

If you can't find a Google Drive symbol, don't worry. Look for a Download symbol

If there is a Download symbol, tap that to download the document to your device and then proceed as described below

If the document is downloaded

Go to and upload the document to Google Drive from your device using the procedure below.

1. Tap on your Google Drive folder to open it, and a panel similar to that shown below will appear

2. Tap the New button. What the New button looks like depends on what kind of device you are using. It may be a circle or a rectangle, it may or may not have the word New on it, but it should have a plus sign on it.

3. Select the File Upload option. You can then select the PDFs (or digital photos) on your device that you want to load to your Google Drive folder.

The WikiHow website give some more detailed instructions for uploading documents from different types of device. 


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