How to Create an eBundle


The basic method is that you make a PDF copy, with an appropriate descriptive name (suitable for use in an Index), of each document to be included in the bundle - e.g.:

Application Notice
Draft Order
Witness Statement of John Smith
Exhibit JKS1

and then create the eBundle using PDF software. The PDF software you use has to have the ability to generate a Table of Contents from bookmarks. The detailed steps below explain how to create an eBundle using PDF X-Change Editor.

Detailed steps

Use the steps below to produce an eBundle with pages numbered continuously irrespective of sections. If, instead, you want to produce an eBundle in which the pages in each section are numbered separately, see here.   

1. Create folders to contain the PDFs which will be in the eBundle. Create a separate folder for each section and put the appropriate PDFs in each section. Create a further folder called Bundle Sections.  

2. Use PDF X-Change Editor to combine the individual PDF documents which are to go into a section into a single PDF for that section with bookmarks for each of the individual documents. To do this tap Convert - from files - Combine Files into a single PDF and select the PDFs to be included in that section making sure that the Add root bookmark with filename option is ticked. Save the new PDF in the Bundle Sections folder with the name of the section - e.g. C - Applicant's Exhibits.

3. When you have done this for all sections you will have a PDF for each section in the Bundle Sections folder. Use the Convert - from files - Combine Files into a single PDF function once more to combine all the PDFs in the Bundle Sections folder, ticking the Add root bookmark with filename option so that a high-level bookmark is created for each section.

4. Use Bookmarks - Build Table of Contents to create an index, entering an appropriate Title such as Smith v Jones - Application Bundle and selecting the Output page numbers as - Page Labels option

5. Add page numbers in the bottom right of each page as a footer by tapping Organise - Header and Footer and inserting  %[Page:L] as Right Footer Text  Choose a Font of 16pt.

6. Make the PDF searchable by tapping Convert - OCR pages. 

7. On 20 May 2020 the Senior Presiding Judge issued guidance (strictly speaking only applicable to courts, not tribunals) in General Guidance on PDF Bundles which states that bookmarks should contain the page number of the document they point to (para. 9). To add page numbers to bookmarks use the Bookmarks - Add Text function as shown below

8. Save the PDF with a name of e.g. Smith v Jones - Application Bundle eBundle.pdf      



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