Bundles - Getting a hearing bundle printed

Once you have the bundle in PDF form, you can either print it using your own printer or else use a high street print shop.

  • Even if you have a color printer which is perfectly adequate for printing out individual documents which need to be filed and served during the litigation process, when it comes to printing multiple copies of a bundle for a hearing, double-sided, when you may be up against a tight deadline, you may find that your printer takes much longer than you expect as most printers print at about half their normal speed when printing double-sided. It is important to think about this in advance and plan accordingly. Print 10 pages double-sided as a test and then multiply this up by the number of pages expected to be in the bundle and the number of copies of the bundle you will need to produce, to get some idea of how long your printer might take. If it will take a long time then consider getting the printing done at a high street print shop (e.g. Office Outlet or Rymans) rather than use your own printer. In fact, even if you plan to use your own printer it is good idea to check where your nearest high street print shop is, and plan how you might use it (what are its opening hours? how fast can it turnaround print jobs, do they accept PDFs on USB drives, memory cards, by file-transfer?) if you had to as a backup - e.g. if your printer breaks down. When planning timescales bear in mind that after printing (whoever does the printing) you have to assemble the bundles and post them (or hand deliver, or courier, if time is short).
  • If you are awarded costs at the end of your case it will generally be simpler and easier to claim for bundle production costs if printing is carried out and invoiced by a print shop, rather than on your own printer.
  • If you are too close to the deadline to use the post and your case is in the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand in central London (or in the nearby Rolls Building or in a tribunal in the vicinity) but you are not based in London, so that using a courier to deliver the bundle to the court/tribunal office is not practical, there are shops such as LegaStat, based near the Royal Courts of Justice, who will not only print, but also assemble and deliver bundles to the court/tribunal office. If you use such a service in this way it is important to choose a shop which specialises specifically in producing legal bundles as you will not be able to see and check the hard copy bundle before it is delivered, so you need to be certain that the shop is not just a standard high street print shop but a shop which understands features typically found in legal Bundles such as tabs.
  • If you are too close to the deadline to use the post to send a copy of the bundle to the other side, but the other side is too far away to use a courier, you could ask the other side if they will accept  a bundle in PDF form (so that they can print it themselves). They may well agree because it means getting the bundle earlier and, if they have engaged a barrister to represent them at the hearing, having the bundle in PDF form makes it easier for them to get it to their barrister. Or if it is a case in the Royal Courts of Justice and their barrister is based nearby they may ask you for a hard copy bundle to be delivered direct to their barrister which you could do using a service such as LegaStat (see above).


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