Bundles - Getting a hearing bundle printed

Once you have the bundle in PDF form, you can either print it using your own printer or else use a high street print shop.

  • Even if you have a colour printer which is perfectly adequate for printing out, say, 200 pages in a reasonable period of time, when it comes to printing multiple copies of a large trial bundle, when you may be up against a fairly tight deadline, you may find that your printer takes much longer than you expect as most printers print at about half their normal speed when printing double-sided. It is important to think about this in advance and plan accordingly. Print 10 pages double-sided as a test and then multiply this up by the number of pages expected to be in the bundle and the number of copies of the bundle you will need to produce, to get some idea of how long your printer might take. If it will take a long time then consider getting the printing done at a high street print shop (e.g. Redan Print) or specialist legal reprographics shop (e.g. Legastat)¬†rather than use your own printer. In fact, even if you plan to use your own printer it is good idea to check where your nearest high street print shop is, and plan how you might use it (what are its opening hours? how fast can it turnaround print jobs, do they accept PDFs on USB drives, memory cards, by ordinary¬†file-transfer, or by the DCS-specific file transfer system?, can they assemble the bundle in lever arch files with tabs or do they only do printing?) if you had to as a backup - e.g. if your printer breaks down. When planning timescales bear in mind that, whoever does the printing, you have to hand deliver copies of the assembled bundles to the court and hand deliver or post (or, if necessary, courier, if time is short) to the other side.
  • If you are awarded costs at the end of your case it will generally be simpler and easier to claim for large bundle production costs if printing is carried out and invoiced by a print shop, rather than on your own printer, but you will still need your own printer for lower volume/urgent printing.


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