Drag and Drop Emails to Cloud Storage

When you are dragging emails to the cloud storage website, you may well get the file with name... already exists message because more than one email will inevitably have the same Subject. If you get this message choose the rename option.

On a Windows computer in order to be able to drag and drop emails directly from Outlook to a website, you need to install the DragDrop add-in.

On a Mac you don't need any add-in because the standard Outlook (or Apple Mail) app allows you to drag and drop emails directly to a website. If, however, you experience difficulties (on either a Mac or a Windows computer) doing a drag-and-drop of emails in one go directly from Outlook into the  website you could try doing a two stage drag and drop, first dragging the emails from Outlook to a temporary folder on your computer (i.e. an ordinary folder outside of Outlook) and then dragging the emails from the temporary folder to the website. When doing a two stage drag-and drop on a Windows computer you need to make sure that you do not overwrite one email with another having the same filename (the filename is the Subject and many emails will have the same Subject) by following the following rules:
  • Don't drag emails from Outlook into a temporary folder on a Windows computer which already has email files in it (from a previous drag and drop) - always use a fresh empty folder for each drag and drop operation.


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