Caselines - Downloading bundle parts

In the picture above the Bundle Parts column contains buttons to download the various parts of the bundle produced by Caselines. 

To download a PDF containing the bundle index, tap the Bundle Index button.

Underneath that button there are buttons for each section of the bundle (the above example shows four sections the first containing pages 1 to 15, the second containing pages 16 to 20, the third containing pages 21 to 24, and the fourth section containing pages 25 to 66). Tap each section in turn to download the PDFs for each section of the bundle. 

Note: There is also a Complete Bundle button but what it produces, if tapped, depends on options selected (it might or might not include the index, for example) and sometimes using the Complete Bundle option causes problems when you are trying to print double-sided, so in most cases it is better not to use the Complete Bundle button.   


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