DCS - Downloading a Document List in Word format

The picture above shows how to download a document list as a Word document with documents numbered by section.

Ensure that Document Indexes is ticked and that Page Numbers and Consecutive Numbering are unticked and then click on the Word button and a Word document will be created as illustrated below 

Note 1. The reason why you should make sure that Page Numbers is unticked is that if it is ticked, bundle page numbers will appear in the index which would be quite confusing because you are using DCS, on this occasion, to simply produce a list of documents - you will not be sending a bundle to the the other side so including bundle page numbers in the list would cause confusion.

Note 2. The reason why you should make sure that Consecutive Numbering is unticked is that if you tick Consecutive Numbering a further column will be added in addition to the Index column and this will cause confusion because two numbers will be associated with each document on your list. 


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