Displaying documents in DCS as you type in the Document Title and Document Date

Once you have loaded documents to DCS you should check that the Document Title and Document Date of each document is correct and amend as necessary using the Update All Documents panel as illustrated above. 

When amending the Document Title/Document Date it can be useful to have a display of the first page of the document in front of you as you type. You can press the
View button but if you do this you will find that the panel freezes when the view panel appears so that you cannot actually type until you close the view panel. In order to be able to view the document as you type, do not use the View button but do the following (you need to do this on a Windows computer using the 
Google Chrome browser) 

1. Tap the PDF button (just under the View button). A temporary PDF copy of the document will then be downloaded to your computer as shown in the illustration below


2. Click on the selection arrow in the bottom left as shown below and select Always open with System Viewer


3. Now whenever you tap the PDF button for any document in future, a copy will be downloaded and automatically displayed so that you can see it as you are typing  when amending the Document Title/Document Date


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