DCS - Printing bundles which contain A3 or larger pages

Depending how it was produced an eBundle PDF may contain all PDF pages set as A4 irrespective of the actual page size of the original document,  so that you cannot tell, just from looking at the PDF page size, which documents should be printed A3 or A2. But if the PDF bookmarks for the documents have the characters A3 or A2 to the end of the document title you will be able to tell, from the name in the PDF bookmarks, which documents should be printed as A3 or A2. You may well remember, when you look at the documents, which ones - often maps and drawings - were larger than A4 but if you added the characters A3, A2, etc. to the document name in the bookmark you will know for sure.

Once you know that a particular document is, e.g. A3, you can print it on A3 paper using the "fit to page" printing option (even if the PDF page size is A4) and if you are using a reprographics shop you can give instructions specifying which pages should be printed on A3 etc., but some reprographics shops may insist that you provide a PDF with every page in the PDF having the correct size. In that case you can load the PDF to the Resize facility in Sejda

When you do this a panel like that shown below will be displayed. You can then select each document which should be printed A3 or A2 in turn and correct the page size.  

Save the PDF containing the corrected page sizes and use this to send to the reprographics shop.


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