DCS - Creating Placeholders for Video and Audio files

DCS accepts documents for loading in PDF form. If you have a video file (e.g. mp4 file) or audio file (e.g. mp3 file) you should store the audio/video file itself in a zero knowledge encrypted cloud storage system such as pCloud or MEGA (rather than in DCS), and then, for each video or audio file, create a one page placeholder, and paste a clickable download link to the video/audio file into the placeholder page so that the placeholder page looks something like the illustration above. Save the placeholder page as a PDF and load the placeholder PDF to DCS giving it an appropriate name and date.

Video of Farm Buildings                                30 Jun 2018

Note that many cloud storage systems, including pCloud and MEGA, are hosted outside the United Kingdom and so may not be in countries subject to the same data protection standards as apply in the UK so it is particularly important that you use a zero knowledge encrypted cloud storage system. Alternatively you could simply load the video or audio file itself to DCS and if you do this the audio/video file will be stored on DCS's own servers (DCS will automatically generate a placeholder with a link to the internally-stored audio/video file). However if you do load audio/video files themselves to DCS it will be expensive (unlike for PDFs where there is a small charge of each page, with audio and video files Caselines make a substantial charge per MB) and it will make the Disclosure of Documents stage (which occurs approximately half-way in the litigation process) more complex.                                                                                                      


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