Creating PDF copies of card photos with a four digit reference number

After creating temporary image files, use FastStone Photo Resizer Batch Convert option on a Windows computer to create PDF copies with four digit reference numbers as explained below.

On the above panel select an Output Format of PDF, tick the Rename box and enter the characters Photo of (photo no. $N$S No metadata) Tick the Use Advanced Options box, and use the Advanced Options shown below to include the digitisation date and time in the PDF copy at the top of the page within a white border.

2. When all the options shown above have been selected, tap the Convert button on the main screen.

FastStone Photo Resizer will then, because you have put Photo of (photo no. $N$S No metadata) in the Rename box, create PDF copies named like this

Photo of (photo no 2735 No metadata)

You can then, if you wish, rename individual PDF copies to add a brief description like this

Photo of No 22 garden - gap in wall (photo no 2735 No metadata)

Because each photo has a unique identification number it is not always necessary to add specific detail such as "gap in wall" - you could simply name it with the general subject like this

Photo of No 22 garden (photo no 2735 No metadata)

If all the photos (or a significant number of them) are to have the same brief description then, rather than rename each PDF individually after it has been produced by FastStone Photo Resizer, you could, before tapping the Convert button, put 

Photo of No 22 garden (photo no. $N$S No metadata)

in the Rename box. 


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