Photos note - Creating Date-taken prefixed copies of JPG files

You may have some photographs in JPG format on your computer 

Usually a number of digital photographs of the same subject are taken on one occasion. For example, you may have taken 10 photographs of a garden and 12 photographs of the interior of a house. You can use the procedure below to quickly create copies of all photographs of a single subject (e.g. using the word Garden in the file name followed by a number) with each copy being prefixed by the date it was taken. And then redo the procedure for the photographs of the next subject (e.g. the house).   

1. Start ReNamer (available from

2. Click on Settings and enter Meta Tags settings as shown below, and click Save.

3. Copy the JPG files to a new folder and then click and drag the JPG files from the new folder into the lower half of the panel

4. Click Add, select Replace and enter the information as shown below. The example below is for a digital photographs of a garden - replace the word "Garden" as appropriate. Then click the Save Rule bar.

5. Click Add, select Serialize and enter the information as shown below. Then click the Save Rule bar.

6. The main panel should then look something like the picture below, with the new names for the emails shown in red. Click the green Rename button to carry out the rename. 


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