DCS - Creating a Bundle

1. You should have the PDFs with descriptive namewhich would be suitable for the bundle Index, such as:


Letter John Smith to Phillip Jones
Photograph of 52 High Street
Invoice Farnfield Motors to Preston Haulage
Plan of 22 High Street 1st Floor              

2. CaseLines is a commercial service so before you decide to use it you should check what fee is charged and whether it is a fixed fee, a fee dependent on usage, or a fee on some other basis. Contact details for CaseLines can be found on their website www.caselines.co.uk   Caselines is fairly self-explanatory to use in "self service" but the following is an overview.

3. First click on Create New Case and enter the basic details for the case such as the name and number of the case.

4. Then click on Sections and create a section for each of the sections you require. 

Usually you will want to select the Order Documents by... Date option for a section but there may be some sections where you want to arrange the documents in your own order rather than in chronological order (for example you may want to start a section with a primary document followed by the documents which relate to it). If you want the documents to appear in your own order, select the Order Documents by... Number option so that the documents appear in the order you loaded them (if you subsequently want to adjust the order you can change the number of a document).   


5. For each section you should click on the Bulk Load button to load up the PDFs for that section

click Add Files

Navigate to the folder on your computer where the PDFs to be included in the section are located and select the PDFs and click Open

Then click Start Upload

6. Once you have loaded up all sections, click on Bundle to create the bundle PDF. 


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