Copying documents from one DCS case to another

To copy documents from one DCS case to another, press/click on the PDF button (right side of screen as shown below) for each document you wish to copy. 

The documents will be downloaded to the default download area on your computer/device.

Now go to the section of the DCS case that you wish to copy the documents into and select upload documents and select the files from your download area.

Note: When you download each document as a PDF, the PDF name contains the document index number as well as the document title, so that when you upload it to the target DCS case the original index number appears as part of the document title in the target case. You might be tempted to "tidy up" the document title by removing this original index number but in fact, if the document is documentary evidence (rather than, say, a pleading or a witness statement) it is better to leave the index number there and add as a prefix the two letters identifying the section it originally came from. In this way the familiar document identifier which has been used up to now (e.g. CB15) is preserved in the target case.


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