Check date and time for jpg photos

When you have loaded a JPG photo to Bundledocs you should check the date and time shown in Bundledocs against the date/time taken shown on the photo/camera you took the photo on.

Exactly how you display the EXIF date/time taken of a photo on your phone or camera depends on the make and model. If you have any difficulty displaying the dates/times of photo on a phone, one option is to connect the phone to a Windows computer using a USB cable and right-click on the JPG in Windows Explorer select Properties and go to the Details tab as shown below.

Alternatively you could use the phone to go to an EXIF data display website (such as but if you use this option you need to be aware of the privacy implications of using the internet   

If the EXIF date/time taken date is absent from the JPG see here for what to do next.

If the EXIF date/time taken of the JPG on the camera/phone is different from the date/time shown in Bundledocs, then see here for what do do next.

If the Bundledocs date/time and EXIF date/time taken do match but you have some reason to believe that the date/time is not the true date/time that the photo was taken - for example if, given what is in the photo, you don't think that it could have been taken around that time, or if the photo was taken in daylight but the EXIF date/time taken would have been well after sunset, or if it looks like a photo of a photo - see here.     


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