O Disclosure - Adding bates numbers

It is important to give each document disclosed a serial number ("bates number") which enables the receiving party to easily refer to a document when, for example, asking you for a native copy, or if there is some query. Ordinarily you cannot use at trial documentary evidence which has not previously been disclosed on time and when the Trial Bundle is being compiled one party may query whether the other party is entitled to have certain documents included. If all the documents have Document Titles which include the bates number (e.g. C7 for the seventh document disclosed by the Claimant, D5 for the fifth document disclosed by the Defendant) that number can be used to quickly verify that the document was disclosed.

To add bates numbers, prior to disclosing your documents, go to the first section of the My Documentary Evidence DCS case and select Update All Documents as shown below

Then amend the Document Title to prefix the first document name with the first number e.g. if the document title is Letter Smith to Jones and you are the Claimant, change that to C1 Letter Smith to Jones. If you are the Defendant change it to D1 Letter Smith to Jones.

Then prefix the second document with C2 or D2, the third document with C3 or D3 etc. until all the documents are prefixed.

If there is more than one section, carry on the number sequence - e.g. if the last document in a section is prefixed D22, the first document in the next section should be prefixed D23.


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